Rightway Manufacturing - REPLACEABLES


Replaceables Molded connecting sleeves, Fabricated Fabric Sleeves, Mesh Cleaning Balls, Inspection Caps and more.

Screens R.W. Mfg, Inc. Can supply your wire mesh needs. We offer mesh in many different styles.

Fabricated Parts R.W. Mfg, Inc. Can fabricate many of your major replacement parts needs.

Gear Box Exchange At R.W. Mfg, Inc. We know how important getting your machine up and running is, that’s why we keep gearboxes on the shelf ready to ship out.

Service and Support At R.W. Mfg, Inc. We can ship most items over night. If you need extra assistance we can have a sales representative available for your needs. Call us @ 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226

Rightway Manufacturing - MOLDED CONNECTORS


Corrugated sleeves have extreme flexibility, allowing uninterrupted and continuous flow and movement of material. Their design allows them to retain maximum opening size for better use.

Types of material

R.W. Mfg, Inc. has natural rubber, neoprene & silicone available in the flexible molded connectors.

Standard sizes

The molded connectors are 10 3/4" overall length, they are available in 4", 6", 8" and 10" diameters.

To order or for more information call 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.

Rightway Manufacturing - FABRICATED FABRIC SLEEVES


R.W. Mfg., Inc. - Can sew fabric connecting sleeves to fit any diameter from 3" and bigger and any length from 3" and longer. R.W. can also fabricate dust bags, tapered sleeves, square and oval cloth connectors.

Fabric available
RCN: (Rubber Coated Nylon) This material is 2 ply with one side rubber and the other side a nylon material. Rubber elastic or shockcord and metal rings can be sewn into the connector sleeves. Also available is velcro and rope cording and hose clamps.

This material is a 13 oz. weather mate canvas. Rubber elastic or shockcord can also be sewn into this fabric.

Clear Plastic:
This material is a .020 oz clear plastic, it is used as a liner in our rcn connecting sleeves.

Dust Bag:
This material is a 70 denier filament polyester with a 25 to 35 cfm air perm. This material is breathable.

Black Neoprene::
This material is a 16.20 oz black neoprene type material. It can be used for loading chutes, etc.

At R.W. Mfg., Inc. - we can provide you with fabricate sleeves to your specifications. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you in fabricating the right connectors for you. Just give us a call on our toll free number, which is, 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.

Rightway Manufacturing - MESH CLEANING BALLS


For maximum performance for your mesh cleaning balls make sure you replace them with the same size and material of balls you take out, they become less effective as they wear.

Mesh cleaning balls are a very important part of your screening application, they help control binding, by keeping the screen surface clear of product, by doing that they improve performance.

When to replace your mesh cleaning balls:

  1. When they appear rough, have a hard surface or don’t have much bounce.
    *****Note: These are indications of damage due to high temperature.****
  2. When they begin to swell or become too soft.
    *****Note: These are indications of damage due to oils, solvent or chemicals.

At R.W. Mfg, Inc. We have a variety of mesh cleaning balls. We carry in stock 5/8", 7/8", 1", 1 1/8", 1 3/8", 2" cleaning balls in natural rubber, neoprene, silicone, EPDM and nitrile.

See chart below for maximum temperature each ball can withstand.

Ball Type Temperature
Natural rubber 100 degrees
Neoprene 150 - 200 degrees
Nitrile (Buna -N) 200 degrees +
Black EPDM 250 degrees +
Silicone Balls 400 - 550 degrees

To order or for more information call 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.



Inspection caps make it easy to inspect and keep your screens clean. R.W. Mfg., Inc. - has (2) types of inspection caps available.

(1) A 10" Black rubber inspection cap that just snaps on.

(2) An RCN Fabricated inspection cap with a shockcord we can make to what ever size you require.

R.W. Mfg., Inc. - has a large inventory of spring tension clips available.

We also carry a tension tool, designed to allow you to change your screens a lot faster.

Along with these items we also have carbon balls, slipper plates, carbon ball holders, rubber bushings, clamp handle assemblies and draglink assemblies.

To order or for more information call 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.

Rightway Manufacturing - WIRE MESH



R.W. Mfg., Inc. - Has screens to fit nearly all separators. So, regardless what type of unit you have, we can provide you with the best screen on the market.

  • Special Edging
  • J-Hook Style
  • Bondtite Edging Only
  • Bondtite Edging and Groments
  • Center Strips
  • And More

Just give us a call and let our knowledgeable sales staff quote you on your wire mesh needs. 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.

Rightway Manufacturing - FABRICATED PARTS


R.W. Mfg, Inc., can fabricate your major assemblies. We can manufacture the top covers out of .125 aluminum, 14 ga 304 stainless steel & 14 ga mild steel. We use hardrock maple for your wooden frames, we put beveled ball bouncers in our frames to help keep screen surfaces clear of lodging particles, to keep the material flowing the way it should. Spacer frames are also made out of hardrock maple wood. We build the bottom pan out of 14 ga 304 stainless steel or 14 ga mild steel.

Call 1-800-866-6455 or 1-870-673-7226 and let us quote you on your fabricated needs.

Rightway Manufacturing - GEARBOX SERVICE


R.W. Mfg, Inc., knows that over time your gearbox will need some repair or even need to be replaced. So that is why we offer options to meet your repair or replacement needs.

Your Options Are:

Gearbox Exchange:

We will ship you a reconditioned gear box out of our stock. Once you have it installed just simply return your used one to us and we will issue you a credit for it.

Rebuild Your Gearbox:

Send us your gearbox and we will replace all worn parts, clean it up and paint it to look like new.

Purchase a Spare Gearbox:

R. W. keeps reconditioned gear boxes in stock, sitting on the shelf waiting for you to call. So if you need an extra just give us a call and we’ll get it right out. If you want to fix it yourself then we have all the parts you will need to get the job done.

Just give us a call about our warranty information. To place and order or if you need further information. 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.