Rightway Manufacturing - HAMMERS


R. W. Manufacturing, Inc. Can meet any needs on hammers, we carry a wide variety of shapes, sizes and hardfacing patterns.

Our hammers are some of the most superior in the market place today, we use a high carbon steel and heat treat them up to a 50 Rockwell on the "C" scale. We also have several types of hammer styles available. Hammers are also oil quenched to help you get the maximum life possible.

All hammers are balanced within 4 grams per row of hammers.

All our hammers have a TruBore hole, not punched, which means holes are not tapered so your hammer fits better on the mill pins, and has a less chance for uneven wear on the pins.

We keep a large inventory of hammers in stock so we are able to ship out most orders the same day.

For further information on our hammers give us a call @ 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226. And let us help you with all your hammer needs.

Rightway Manufacturing - HARDFACING


At R.W. Manufacturing, Inc., we know how important hardfacing is to the wear of your hammers and replacement parts.

Hardfacing consists of applying a layer of wear resistant material over a common metal in order to improve its service life.

Depending on the application, hardfaced parts in general can last 3 - 10 times longer than an untreated part.

R. W. Manufacturing, Inc. Wants to save you time and money by:

1. Extending the useful life of your hammers & wear parts

2. By applying the hard alloy only where it is necessary instead of making your hammers and wear parts from very hard materials.

3. Reducing inventory costs by making parts that last longer so you don’t have to keep as many in stock.

4. Reduces equipment downtime.

Let us save you time by giving us a call @ 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.

Rightway Manufacturing - HAMMER STYLES


Rightway Manufacturing - MILL PINS


At R. W. Manufacturing, Inc. we believe a quality mill pin is as important as a quality hammer. That’s why we strive to insure less hole ovaling for a smoother operation and maximum production.

Our Mill Pins are specially designed to work with our quality hammers. Specifications coordinate with the customer needs and match our specifications of our precision-drilled holed hammers.

Mill Pins are cut from standard rod material and heat treated to a 50 Rockwell on the "C" scale.

Pins can be grooved, slotted, drilled, or plain.

Diameter sizes range from ½" to 2" and can be made up to 61" long.

We also carry the set collars, spacers, lock straps, lock bolts and cotter pins for the mill pins.

Rightway Manufacturing - HAMMER MILL SCREENS


R. W. Manufacturing, Inc. has one of the largest inventories of perforated material in the mid-south. In our new 10,000 square foot screen storage facility, we stock 28 different hole diameters ranging from 1/32" hole diameter to a 2 ½" hole diameter with gauges from 24 gauge to a 1/4" thick material.

We also have the capability to manufacture screens up to 5/8" thick with holes up to 6" in diameter. We can even make square holes and octagon shaped holes.

With welders on hand we can add any frames, angles, bevels or any other attachments your screens may require.

Chrome and nickel plated screens are also available.

We can custom make the size screen necessary to fit any customer’s need.

Most screens are in stock and can be shipped out the same day the order is placed. So give us a call and let us fill your screening needs.

Call 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226.

Rightway Manufacturing - WEAR PARTS


R.W. Manufacturing, Inc. Has a large inventory of wear parts compatible with most conventional hammermills.

We carry:

  • Wear plates
  • Vortex cutter bars
  • Cross members
  • Internal wear plates
  • Screen carriages
  • Flow deflectors
  • Regrind chamber weldments

With experienced welders on hand we can fabricate just about any part needed for your hammermill needs.

Just give us a call @ 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226 and let us help you with your wear part needs.

Rightway Manufacturing - ROTORS


R.W. Manufacturing, Inc. can manufacture and rebuild rotors for your hammermills.

We have the latest technology in manufacturing equipment. We laser cut the holes in the disk to exact specifications. Our shafts are precision machined to original mill specifications for a perfect fit in the mill and on bearings. The complete assembly is then spun balanced to insure a smooth rotation once placed in the mill.

Whether you need a rotor from ground up or simply need the rotor you have rebuilt so it looks like new, give us a call and we will make sure you get what you need.

Normal shipping time for a complete assembly runs approximately two weeks.

Call us at 1-800-866-6455 or 870-673-7226